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What are the Principal Characteristics of Noise?

Noise is an unpleasant and unwanted sound that can disrupt our daily lives. There are several key characteristics of noise that are important to understand in order to mitigate its negative effects. One of the main features of noise is its unpredictability. Unlike...

Why do you need an acoustic consultant

Acoustic consultant An acoustic consultant can help to design, assess, manage and control sound and vibrations in the built environment. They might provide consultancy for the design or assessment of acoustics in homes, workplaces, leisure facilities, the outdoor...

Balance Noise in Your Workplace

Balance Noise in Your Workplace

The ability to hear protects us from danger on a daily basis, sometimes without us even knowing it. This is because our ears monitor our safety 24/7....whether it’s a smoke alarm going off, a car horn beeping or the warning tone of the train doors closing. So it's not...

Case Study – Local Council

Case Study – Local Council

Executive Summary This case study discusses how noise testing using dosimeters helped our client determine and assess the level of noise-exposed by their workers. The case study shares the methodology used to measure noise exposure level and value delivered to the...

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