Noise Dosimeter

Noise Dosimetry

The reason for taking a measurement with a noise dosimeter is to evaluate the average exposure of employees to noise during a normal shift. Ideally, when taking measurements the noise dosimeter should be attached to the employee at the start of a shift and collected at the end of the shift, in order to accurately assess the employee’s noise exposure over the whole shift. However, sampling for full shifts, and especially extended shifts, may not always be practical. If a shorter period is sampled then care must be taken to ensure the result is representative of the full shift exposure. This will require the sampler to have an understanding of the tasks performed during the shift and the cycles of those tasks.

Noise Dosimetry

Discounted Rates for our services if we are a Second Opinion

Discounted Rates for our services if we are a Second Opinion
Have you had a noise assessment report completed recently and not happy with the results? Feel that you are being rail-roaded into unnecessary audiometric testing that the noise assessor provides?

If you have had a noise report completed in the last 3 months and are not confident in the results the other tester has provided; Anitech Noise Assessment can retest your workplace, and provide you with an independent noise survey report for a discounted price of our normal service charge.

Received a PIN from Worksafe
Employees have raised concerns about noise levels
Introduced new plant or equipment or process
Issue hearing protection (ear plugs or earmuffs) to protect hearing of your employees
Then you are required by law or advised by applicable Australian Standards to assess your noise levels by means of a noise report.

Receive not just a Noise Report but also a Compliance Action Plan

Following your Noise Dosimetry Assessment Report we will compile for you a summary of the current noise related OHS Legislation taken from the Act, Regulations and Australian Standards. The information we provide will specifically apply to your business and your unique situation. This will save you a great deal of time trawling through legislation and makes achieving compliance easy.


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